Mr.Najjad Zeenni - Chairman
Najjad Zeenni

Mr. Zeenni is the former CEO of an offshore construction company – NPCC Abu Dhabi. Currently he serves as a President of Valentine Maritime NAZCO Marine and Al Maha Productions, Kinga Holdings, Kinga Properties, Kinga Industries and NZ Investments. He also the Chairman of Horizon Survey and Horizon Geotechnical.

Our team.

We are honored to introduce you to our board of directors, which is comprised of seasoned individuals bringing together a wealth of expertise and value. Each of our directors have mapped out a success story in their professional careers holding senior leadership positions and owning various prominent businesses. Similar to our management and advisory teams, our board follows the same diversity values and stresses on integrity, teamwork and social responsibility. We are grateful to our Board who have personally contributed to the success of our firm.