Our Services

As our clients continue to do business in a complex marketplace, we assist them to navigate this ever-changing environment. 

We support our clients to challenge themselves and capitalize on opportunities through our knowledge and experience across a range of industries and provide insight into operational and financial issues. To do so we are proud to have gathered a unique team with deep regional experience to assist private companies in their short and long-term goals. Our dedicated professionals have a long-standing track record in anticipating market trends, seizing opportunities, creating shareholder value and eliminating inefficiencies.


Through our subsidiaries Regulus consultancy & Regulus Advisors, we provide a complete suite of services to our diverse mix of clientele.

Feasibility Studies

We provide our clients with feasibility studies to assist them with the economic viability of their proposed plan. Our service includes a market research, financial viability, operational and project timeline feasibilities.

Commercial Information Services

We provide reports and recommendations to help our clients with their day-to-day dealings with their existing business associates. Our services assist companies in identifying and targeting new business relationships and undertake better informed decisions.

Management Consultancy

We work with managements to explore shareholder value creation, eliminate inefficiency, advise on long-term strategic plans including expansion, M&A and exit prospects.

Human Resources Consultancy

We work with senior management and the board to identify reputable and seasoned key personnel who will be instrumental in driving the business forward.

Project Development Consultancy

We work alongside the management to implement projects and ensure that the project is done at the lowest cost and shortest timeframe. We oversee the implementation of our recommendations.

Private Equity Fund Management

We manage on behalf of our clients sector-specific funds.