Regulus Capital was founded in 2016 to provide a wide range of management consultancy and advisory services to small and medium-sized companies operating in consumer-driven sectors. Through our subsidiaries, Regulus Consultancy and Regulus Advisors, we advise clients in the MENASEA region; the region of our expertise. The region is a lucrative market for investments due to the promising potential of its various sectors.

Historically, investors have flooded the market chasing opportunities in the small to medium-sized enterprises, however, they have since suffered from a value trap.

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Welcome To Regulus Capital

Bridging the gap between management capacity
& shareholders’ expectations

Our Values.

Our day-to-day interaction with our clients and investors have helped shape our values over time. We have carefully listened to our clients’ needs and became defined by a set of values which we are proud to adhere to.

Our values are based on three general principles: servicing our clients to the highest standards, taking care of our employees, and supporting our local communities. Those principles form the core of the Regulus Capital Culture and we go to a great extent to instil this philosophy across everyone of our team members.

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Providing our clients with a consistently high quality service and placing their interest ahead of ours will ensure that those clients become recurring utilizers of our services over the long term.

We acknowledge the effort needed to build and maintain a reputation overtime. There is no reward high enough that would justify risking our reputation. We simply won’t gamble when our reputation is at stake.

Only by hiring the best professionals in the industry and retaining them will we ensure that our clients receive the best service.

We recognize the fact that a diversity in skill, thought, background, and experience through teamwork provide far superior results than individuality.

A great deal of our personal successes are due to the support of our local communities. We are dedicated to serving our society to the highest standards, making the world a better place.

Our team.

We are honored to introduce you to our board of directors, which is comprised of seasoned individuals bringing together a wealth of expertise and value. Each of our directors have mapped out a success story in their professional careers holding senior leadership positions and owning various prominent businesses. Similar to our management and advisory teams, our board follows the same diversity values and stresses on integrity, teamwork and social responsibility. We are grateful to our Board who have personally contributed to the success of our firm.

Our Services.

Through our subsidiaries Regulus consultancy & Regulus Advisors, we provide a complete suite of services to our diverse mix of clientele, ranging from:

Feasibility Studies

We provide our clients with feasibility studies to assist them with the...Read More

Commercial Information Services

We provide reports and recommendations to help our clients with their day-to-day...Read More

Management Consultancy

We work with managements to explore shareholder value creation, eliminate...Read More

Human Resources Consultancy

We work with senior management and the board to identify reputable...Read More

Project Development Consultancy

We work alongside the management to implement projects and ensure that...Read More

Private Equity Fund Management

We manage on behalf of our clients sector-specific funds. Read More

Our Clients.